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“What amazing talent!  I've never seen such a talented stilt dancer and walker like her before.”

Fran, audience member

EyeSoar Stilt Performers

  1. BulletNeed more than one stiltdancer? EyeSoar has a crew of stilt dancers to call on,

all costumed to your specifications to match your

special event.

  1. BulletEyeSoar provides: amazing stilt acts, roving or choreographed for stage, in top quality costumes with professional performers.

  1. BulletHave your logo turned in to a costume to be used exclusively at your events!

Great for creative advertising, stand tall above all other vendors.

Check out the other commissioned costumes on the costume page

  1. BulletStilt dancers

add spice, life, color & fun to:

    music festivals


    corporate events

    ribbon cuttings



    advertising opportunities


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For the most up to date costumes please visit

EyeSoar’s facebook page.

We are here to make your event look good!

Such a great experience working with you and your gang, so delightful”

Deborah Sciales


All costumes designed & made by Annabel Reader

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