Derek McAlister,Twin Tango custom made, reinforced chinese pole pants

Designed and created by Annabel for Refresh Agency and Viva Prime

This costume is now being used in Trade fairs around USA to promote Viva Primes trade fair booth.

It has a custom made harness so the 7 ft high wings are hands free, it is totally collapsable for ease of shipment between trade fairs. It is very light so that it can be worn all day.

Viva Primes logo that these costumes were designed and created to represent.

Please note that this costume has been sold to Viva Prime, it in not for hire through EyeSoar Performance but is an example of

a custom made costume.

“I LOVE my dress! It is perfect and I felt so pretty wearing it last night! It fits perfect and I wouldn't have wanted to change a thing! Thanks so much for your talent” Amy Lucky Colby.

Costumes  designed and made for Naropa Universty BFA students end of year performance “Field Notes” 2011

Other costume clients include:

Diavolo white tops for Trajectoire

3rd Law costuming for The Clean Room

Frequent Flyers Inc red and black hoop skirt for stilts and trapeze performances

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